‘Rocketman’ Banned in Samoa Over Gay Content

‘Rocketman’ Banned in Samoa Over Gay Content 4

‘Rocketman’ Banned in Samoa Over Gay Content




  1. I was surprised by THE scene. After all the talk, I thought it would be a bit more than that. Here, it was just as useless as any heteresoxual sex scene in a basic movie.

    Two humans kissing, getting undressed, cuddling and slow pan to black. This is the kind of scene that people laughed at when it’s a man and a woman.

    Call me when we have the Disobedience (Rachels Weisz/McAdams) level of sex scene.

  2. Important to flag that Samoa is only one part of the Samoan islands. Samoa criminalizes homosexual acts, but is pretty progressive towards transgender people. The anti-gay views are driven by the country’s very strong orthodox Christianity, where nearly 100% of the population is practicing Christian.

    American Samoa on the other hand is part of America and is doesn’t criminalize homosexual behavior and hasn’t banned the film. However, interestingly enough, they are the only place in America (states or territories) that doesn’t allow same-sex marriage, having refused to enact the Supreme Court ruling and not yet being forced to enact the Supreme Court ruling.

  3. I used to live on Samoa, back then it was called Western Samoa. A year later, I moved to American Samoa, and was there for ten years. Surprised to hear that About Samoa, though. Lots of happy gays on American Samoa.

  4. I can only imagine some censor in Samoa being like “Wait, what do you mean there’s gay people in an Elton John documentary?”

  5. Holy shit people are reporting on this. Thought our tiny nation wouldn’t get any attention, this is pretty funny.

  6. This sucks for movies, I’m sick of hearing about it, let your people decide if they want to see a movie, for themselves, not everyone’s a bigot asshole.

    After all it’s only an ELTON. JOHN. FILM.

  7. I just saw it tonight, and an old man walked in just as it was starting. He didn’t make it pay the first gay sex scene.

    Called it. No idea what he was expecting to see…

  8. But they always seem so happy and easy going.

    Well, always good to know the places sodomy is illegal, I guess.

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