Ever acknowledge the identical sound impact of two youngsters laughing? It’s referred to as the “…

Ever acknowledge the identical sound impact of two youngsters laughing? It's referred to as the "... 4

Ever acknowledge the identical sound impact of two youngsters laughing? It’s referred to as the “Diddy Laugh” and, just like the Wilhelm Scream, has had an interesting Hollywood journey.




  1. [Pottery Breaking Sound](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wOVkixm5MZA) is another classic, used in so many cartoons. Its best use though was in Wet Hot American Summer.

  2. Jac Holzman’s “Happy Baby” is a very recognizable baby sound effect sample. The usage that comes to mind for me at the moment is at the end of Prince’s “[Delirious](https://youtu.be/Fyms8opV8LQ?t=234)” (from the album, “1999”), but I hear it everywhere.

  3. I didn’t know it was called ‘Diddy laugh’ and I find funny that it was named after Diddy Kong Racing, since that game is exactly where I first heard the laugh and whenever I hear it I can’t help but think of DKR. I have the fondest memories of that game, along with Mario 64 and Banjo-Kazooie!

  4. There’s a cheering sound effect that seems to be used in a lot of games and TV shows. I remember first hearing [here.] (https://youtu.be/mEB7TDKdoz0?t=908)

  5. There’s this specific [crowd gasp](https://youtu.be/LMgOW5psrYo) (skip to 28s for the sound) that keeps appearing everywhere and is instantly recognisable now.

  6. I knew the exact sound effect they were talking about before I even opened the article. That thing really is everywhere!

  7. It’s like the creaky door sound effect that’s been in a ton of movies/tv shows/video games. You can hear it at 4:27 in [this video. ](https://youtu.be/m_DYymYLx2o)

  8. Oh god. As soon as I played it the Diddy Kong Racing title theme started in my head subconsiously before I even scrolled down to see that it was in the RARE intro.

  9. I find the ever-repeating coyote drone the most irritating, it was used like three times in the last season of “Bosch”: “Iau-Iau-ueee; HO-HOU…”.

  10. I’ve always wondered this, but does anyone know the origin of this [splat sound effect](https://youtu.be/-1XlVjk4qNA?t=3)? I swear I’ve heard it in B sci-fi movies from the early 80’s all the way up to the new Terminator trailer.

  11. I want to find the stock police scanner sound. It starts with something that SOUNDS vaguely like “latest suspect” and then trails off, and I’m pretty sure it was in a Sim City game once.

    Edit: https://youtu.be/dklA4-ACN4k?t=26

    That’s the one I recognize. It doesn’t sound the same to me as [the other one](https://old.reddit.com/r/movies/comments/bzeb6l/ever_recognize_the_same_sound_effect_of_two/eqs4omo/) mentioned in this thread.

  12. This is one stock sound effect my girlfriend cannot handle. As soon as we hear it in a show or movie the whole thing is ruined. It’s so fucking distracting.

    How hard is it to use a different sound clip or record a fresh track?

    Fuck the Diddy Laugh.

  13. So sick of wilhelm scream and wish they’d stop using it. Once you recognize it you can’t unhear it. I find it jarring and pulls me out of the movie.

  14. How about the one that can be heard during celebrations in a movie and you hear a kid go, “ah man, yeah” or is it “ah yeah, man”?. I swear I’ve this one quite a bit as well.

  15. The Diddy Kong Racing intro! That’s where I first heard it and have been hearing it everywhere ever since.

  16. Amazing 99% Invisible podcast episode called “Classic Cartoon Sound Effects” that talk about a lot of these effects and where they came from and how they influence our minds.

    It’s amazing to think of all the musical instruments that were played in such a way that we still understand the emotion expected by a simple xylophone tap. Really weird when you stop to think about it.

  17. Haha yeah, I keep hearing this and being like “yup, that’s from Diddy Kong Racing”. Glad to hear it being referenced here!

  18. There’s a canned wolf howl that was used in ALL Mexican movies I watched on TV growing up. I had no concept of stock sounds until then.

  19. Oh man, if someone can help me identify this groaning laugh sound that’s used in laugh tracks. I feel like I heard it a lot on old live action shows from Nick like All-That and The Amanda show. It usually happens near the end of the laugh track and the only way I can describe it is that it sounds like a “moooannnn”, but in a laugh. It’s weird.

  20. That one sound bite that was stolen from Arthur’s little baby sister crying. It’s everywhere.

  21. There’s a specific tire burnout noise that’s always used when a muscle car peels out and drives away fast. It’s been used many many times in TV and movies. I first heard it on the car makeover show Overhaulin’ at the end of their title sequence.

  22. There’s a wind sound effect that I recognize right off the bat, it’s used in everything. Can really break the immersion of the film :/

  23. Dagobah swamp sounds I noticed are used a lot recently. Most recently in Endgame in Thanos’s ‘garden’.

  24. There’s a stock chicken bawk that’s used over and over in deadwood, and in the first spyro game, and many other places.

  25. Yes, I’ve noticed that one too but I didn’t realize anyone had a name for it.

    Without even clicking the link, I’m assuming it’s called the “Diddy Laugh” because it was used in the intro for Diddy Kong Racing? I think it was when the Rareware logo came up. That’s one of the earliest places I remember it being used.

  26. It’s like that generic crowd cheering sound effect that has never sounded real. Only example I can think of it is Baseketball, when there’s first a crowd around the guys playing it on their driveway.

  27. I think any of these that are in video games (like this laugh being in RCT) makes it far more recognizable to anyone that played, since a sound in a movie you hear maybe once or twice per viewing, but video game sounds you might hear HUNDREDS of times.

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