‘Love, Antosha’ Trailer

'Love, Antosha' Trailer 22

‘Love, Antosha’ Trailer




  1. Cant wait to watch. He was such a good actor and was always enjoyable on screen. I was absolutely bummed when i heard he had passed. And in such a tragic kind of way. This guy definitely had talent and so much more to give film wise.

  2. Saw him in Curb Your Enthusiasm the other day, he was so young and funny in it. He had great timing on Curb and as Charlie Bartlett, it’s sad he didn’t get to show his whole range of potential as he got older. He could’ve been an iconic actor in my opinion.

  3. This will be a hard, painful, important film to watch. To have such a influence on so many people… Inspiring. Rudderless was a great film which became transcendent thanks to his performance with Billy Crudup.

  4. Man, the guy had something special. I enjoyed everything he was acted in. I looked forward to his career, knowing that there would be decades of great work from him. So sad when I heard he died; especially the manner of his death. When I found out he was living with cystic fibrosis and the reality that he might have only had 20 more years it was even more tragic that he did not get to live them.

  5. He was my favorite actor.

    I loved him in Odd Thomas, especially. The book had a special place in my heart as I read it shortly after losing my girlfriend in a random shooting. Seeing my favorite actor in a roll so close to my heart was amazing. Perfect casting.

    I will miss seeing him in movies. Even my 6 year old son noticed his absence when they recast his voice actor in the Netflix show Trollhunters.

    Anton was special. I mourn for his family

  6. I still remember where I was when I heard he died. Such a terrible way to go, but he had so much potential and deserves a tribute like this.

  7. As a parent to a kid with cystic fibrosis this movie is gonna hit hard. Always loved Yelchin whenever i saw him in a film, but when I found out he had secretly lived with CF his whole life and was on the cusp of going public, i loved him even more. Just the trailer alone is a bit of a gut punch.

  8. I don’t think I could sit through this. He had such an emotive face and likable disposition, that even when one of his movie characters was being hurt and I knew it was fake, I still felt bad for him. That scene in *”Alpha Dog”* (you know which one) made me feel like complete shit for days. It is among a small handful of movies that I refuse to watch more than once, because of how it made me feel. And that’s all because of this kids ability as an actor. Watching him do his real life thing, knowing where this all ends? No thanks. I hope the movie does well, but it’ll have to do it without me.

  9. I’m not a big movie guy but after seeing him in Charlie Bartlett and Green Room recently I had to find out who he was and learned of his death. I can’t to see more of his films and this doc looks great.

  10. Aw, jeez. I caught 2001’s Along Came A Spider flicking channels the other day, and there he unexpectedly was: tiny baby Anton Yelchin, already in possession of those huge worried-lemur eyes at the age of like ten or something, and my damn heart broke all over again.