The Boondocks Confirmed to be Returning for Season 5

The Boondocks Confirmed to be Returning for Season 5 4

The Boondocks Confirmed to be Returning for Season 5




  1. If McGruder is onboard, then I’m interested. If not, I’m not. I didn’t think the fourth season worked at all.

  2. So this is how you feel when you see the reanimated corpse of a dear loved one who should have been dead years ago.

  3. Charlie Murphy, RIP. Some of the funniest lines in the whole show were his. “I’m like the Terminator in this vest.”

  4. Not the same without Ed Wuncler III or Gin Rummy. Hoping S5 is better than S4 because once Gin Rummy and Ed stopped appearing it wasn’t the same.

    “N**** technology”

    “You grabbed the wrong kid!”

    “Restart the game, now!”

  5. I cannot wait for the return of the Reverend Father Uncle Ruckus, no relation. And of course, A Pimp Named Slickback. Please say the whole thing, if you would, yes that includes the “A Pimp Named” part, yes reddittors, every time.

  6. If McGruder’s back I’m gonna be overjoyed. The Boondocks used to be the best cartoon on TV, and if it can even come close to the heights it used to have I’ll be happy.

  7. I think we can all unanimously agree that it’ll only be worth watching if McCruder is on board and if he is he has a lot to talk about now.

  8. WHAT. I loved this show. Hopefully Mcgruder is on board to hold it down.

    I am the stone that the builder refused

    I am the visual

    The inspiration that makes ladies sing the blues

  9. Hoping they get McGruder. His writing absolutely made the medium work. Ultimately, I bet they would be pushed to get stuff out in election year, so I hope that doesn’t stress it to the point that it sucks.

  10. There is actually no confirmation and this article even says that. Plus if McGruder isn’t involved then it just won’t be as good IMO

  11. No wonder Adult Swim has been airing it everyday recently. If McGruder aint returning I’m not watching it though. Season 4 was trash.

  12. With [sort of] slice of life shows like Boondocks or King of The Hill, I usually always want to see how they’d handle current day social aspects or challenges, so this could be exciting.

  13. Season 4 felt like a room of white writers being like “haha they loved it when they said n****r those times! Let’s make an episode about Breaking Bad where they do that!”

    I’m super white and without Aaron I’m not gonna watch a new season. Fingers crossed.

  14. Looks like a Community situation to me! Subpar season 4 leads to the creator coming back. There’s just no way they’ll do this without Aaron. I’m so excited!

  15. Is the creator at the helm? That last season was a crime against humanity. Okay maybe not, but it was such a betrayal of the show’s soul.

  16. Just rewatched Episode 1, and sounds like they could pretty much do almost exactly the same episode for the first episode of season 5. F****** R.Kelly man

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