Producer, Executive Producers, Co-Executive Producer, Associative Producer, Supe…

Producer, Executive Producers, Co-Executive Producer, Associative Producer, Supe... 4

I’ve watched Wagged the Dog. I do know what a Producer does. What on earth are these different individuals doing?

I perceive that the celebrities like Jeff Garlin get ‘Executive Producer’ credit score as a approach to get extra money, however what did [Mallory Yund]( really do to get an Associative Producer credit score on Curb Your Enthusiasm? Sorry to select on that particular person but it surely was simply random.

Just remembered there have been some nice strains in ‘State and Main’ about this.




  1. Executive Producers or commonly refereed to as showrunners are the leading producers of a TV show. They have the creative and management responsibility of a television series production. They are the bosses.

    A supervising produce oversees other producers and members of the production team on a film, show, or news program. They can be responsible for hiring directors for each episode. They also oversee the writer’s room, help with rewrites, and train new writers. [source](

    But one can have a producer credit without even doing anything. Actors or directors sometimes negotiate to have a producer credit as part of their contract. It’s confusing.

  2. TV works on a rank based system, and that’s what each of the terms you’re looking at mean.

    What you might think of as a “Producer” in TV is the Line Producer. They make sure episode production happens on schedule, to budget and at the agreed level of quality.

    The power of a TV show is in the writers’ room, and writers are ranked:

    Staff Writer – entry level. Doesn’t necessarily write an episode, but is part of discussions in the room. Not all shows credit staff writers.

    Story Editor – second year staff writer. Will write at least one episode.

    Exec Story Editor – lower mid-level writer.

    Co-Producer – mid-level writer

    Producer – high mid-level. Starts to be credited after opening titles. May do delegated tasks for Showrunner.

    Supervising Producer

    Co-Exec Producer – top level writers. One Co-EP will be in charge of the writers’ room.

    Exec Producer – the creator or Showrunner. In charge of all creative decisions.

    The ranks hold for other departments, so the pilot director will get an EP credit for the whole run of the show.

    Mallory Yund is a post-production supervisor who has earned the rank of Associate Producer.

  3. It differs wildly depending on the person. Based on Mallory Yunds history I would say she likely was in charge of post production for the show. She would be the one doing scheduling and coordinating with all the various people and departments needed for the editing and finishing of every episode, including all communications with the creative teams and production as it was occurring.

  4. Anyone with “producer” in front of their name gets investors for the show. It’s a “perk” of getting money.

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