Poll: Which Christopher Nolan film is your favorite?

Poll: Which Christopher Nolan film is your favorite? 4

Poll: Which Christopher Nolan film is your favorite?




  1. Insomnia got shafted. I’d love to see Nolan return to mid level crime thrillers. Insomnia is a great little film.

  2. I haven’t seen Following so I won’t include it, but my list in order is:

    * Dunkirk: A brilliant and tightly focused film that is also one of the greatest war films ever made. Nolan took everything he learned as a director and put it to amazing use here.

    * Memento: Another tightly focused film with some great acting and an amazing script / concept. It’s interesting how he keeps coming back to the issues of time and space in all his films so it’s cool to see where his first thoughts on the subject manifest themselves.

    * The Dark Knight: Pretty much the ultimate superhero film and also one of the smartest of the genre. I do think it drags a little by the end, but in no way does it hurt the film.

    * Inception: A very fun film that manages to keep a very weird story from spiraling too far out of control. I also liked that a big studio let him make this film and that audiences loved it despite the odd premise. This is the film other studios should look to when they are thinking about taking a chance on a project from a talented director who has a clear vision.

    * The Prestige: Great cast (though all his films are well cast) and a great story, but I can’t be the only person who guessed the ending.

    * Insomnia: I like the original better, but this is a very well made film, even if it doesn’t get quite as dark as the original.

    * Interstellar: Cool movie, but it felt flat somehow. However, anyone who hates the “love” speech needs to read up on the [Einstein and Bergson](https://www.npr.org/sections/13.7/2016/02/16/466109612/was-einstein-wrong) debate because what Nolan did here was a brilliant nod to the philosophical implications of space and time that no other film (or book, TV show, or pretty much anything) has ever attempted to tackle.

    * The Dark Knight Rises: I liked this movie, but it felt like it was trying to do too much.

    * Batman Begins: I really enjoyed this when I first saw it and it’s still a good movie, but his other films far eclipse this one.

  3. Dunkirk is my favorite of his. I think it was a huge leap forward in his filmmaking abilities and a great example of actual visual storytelling.

  4. I guess I gotta watch Interstellar again. I remember being bored to tears but I could be wrong. I’ve only seen it in theaters.

  5. I’m sure most haven’t seen The Following. You should check it out! It’s not very long but very engaging

  6. The Prestige was his peak for me. It’s amazingly crafted and gets better with every rewatch, and Christian Bale’s multifaceted performance is unbelievable.

    Everything since has been a downhill ride for me: The Dark Knight is one of the best comic book movies ever though I love The Prestige far more (The Prestige is my 11th favorite film of all time), Inception is great but not as good as The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises is enjoyable but falls a bit flat at the end, Interstellar is okay but I probably won’t ever watch it again, and Dunkirk absolutely bored me with no characters to connect to.

  7. Following may not be the most groundbreaking of his movies, but it is definitely the one that always captures my attention. Something about the way it was shot or the film stock (not to get too technical).

  8. Interstellar
    The Prestige

    This would be my current ranking.
    I haven’t seen The Batman Trilogy and Inception in years, so no hot opinions on them.

    For anyone who hasn’t seen Insomnia and is in the mood for a psychological crime thriller, I would definitely recommend it. It is actually a remake from a Norwegian/Swedish movie by the same name, starring Stellan Skarsgård.

  9. For me it was Prestige and Batman Begins. I ended on Batman Begins as I feel it is a little less gimmicky of a movie.

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