Netflix’s ‘Chronicles of Narnia’ finds its inventive architect with ‘Coco’ co-wri…

Netflix's 'Chronicles of Narnia' finds its inventive architect with 'Coco' co-wri... 4

Netflix’s ‘Chronicles of Narnia’ finds its inventive architect with ‘Coco’ co-writer Matthew Aldrich




  1. Magicians Nephew would make a great film. A series would drag out the source material too much. There’s a BBC radio drama that adapts the whole book quite well in just a couple of hours.

  2. >Matthew Aldrich, the co-writer of Pixar’s Oscar-winning film, Coco, has been crowned as overseer of Netflix’s expansive adaptation of The Chronicles of Narnia.

    >The digital streaming giant is tackling the fantasy books by C.S. Lewis as both film and series, with Aldrich serving as the creative architect on all projects. He will shepherd all development and creative on the multiple adaptations.

  3. All I want is an adaptation of The Horse And His Boy. I don’t really care how. Movie. Series. Just give it to me.

  4. Hope they don’t shy away from the religious themes.

    Like it or not, the books had an explicit Christian message and I really hope they retain those themes because they’re integral to the world and plot.

  5. Netflix now has the model to do something like this now that they’ve done A Series of Unfortunate Events. They rolled out 3 seasons in under 2 years, telling a complete story. Let’s hope for more of the same here.

  6. Good sign. Coco instantly became one of my top animated movies. Hopefully this will be better than the Narnia movies. They weren’t terrible but eh.

  7. Probably an unpopular opinion, but I never liked that the Pevensie kids got funneled out of the books. I wanted all four to be able to come back every time.

  8. To this day, Father Daughter Time is one of the best unmade scripts ever. Someone needs to unshackle that thing from WB/Pearl Street and actually make it.

  9. TIL that Netflix is doing this. I had given up hope after the movies stalled after the box-office failure of dawntreader. Hopefully they’ll do all the books. I want The Last Battle!

  10. I think each book could be its own film and then have series that fills in the blanks of one of the 100(0)-Narnian-year periods that are between TMN and TLtWatW or TLtWatW and PC.

    The Magician’s Nephew I especially want to see as a feature film rather than a series. I think the story lends well to adaptation as it has a mixture of epic loss/drama in Charn, wit and whimsy in 19th Century London, and classic Narnia/Aslan/high fantasy in the creation narrative portion. Plus Diggory and his struggle with his mom’s disease and awful home situation make for a compelling protagonist. If handled well and with respect for the source material, I could see it going very well.

    The most difficult to adapt straight to a film in my opinion is The Last Battle. It opens with my favorite of all the Narnia stories and has great action, but pretty much the whole last third of the story is denouement where things just get better and better. Difficult, in my opinion, to both do justice to and keep interesting in the medium of film.

    I just really hope, whatever direction they choose to go, they are faithful to the source material and emphasize storytelling over spectacle and high-fantasy epic-style action, because ultimately that’s what the books were more about. I understand the impulse to flesh out the battle and make it epic and grotesque but I think it would feel off, as that’s not what Lewis wrote Narnia to be about.

  11. Honestly, This is a perfect game of thrones competitor, not sure why Amazon chose LOTR when one of Tolkien’s closest friends was C.S. Lewis, plus the fact there’s 7 books of material.

  12. That is definitely a good director since Coco had a lot of heart to it – something that is ultimately the center of the Narnia books.

  13. Reading the words “Chronicles of Narnia” just sent me into a blast-from-the-past Ratatouille experience. I’m excited to see what they make of it, since the movies didn’t cover what were, in my opinion, the better part of the book series.

  14. I hope they don’t butcher it like fucking Disney did.

    Those books were my entire childhood, and when the Disney movies were announced, I was STOKED.

    Until I saw Wardrobe.

    Holy fuck was I disappointed. The old 80s version the BBC did was better!

  15. They’ll probably cancel it out of nowhere. Like the Marvel stuff. I have no faith in Netflix anymore.

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