Hollywood’s Sequel Factory Churns Out Worrisome Duds This Summer

Hollywood’s Sequel Factory Churns Out Worrisome Duds This Summer 4

Hollywood’s Sequel Factory Churns Out Worrisome Duds This Summer




  1. This article for real tries to make it out as if Endgame not beating Avatar makes it disapointing, like, no single reputable prediction site guessed it would even come near 2.7 B before it’s opening weekend.

  2. If this entire article is based on “Weekend Debut vs Forecast” I could just as easily flip it as “Forecast vs Weekend Debut” and caption it “Studio forecasters are not making very accurate predictions this movie season.”

  3. Godzilla would be better if they took out the humans and just straight up had monsters fighting.

  4. Booksmart, Rocketman, Endgame, and John Wick 3 have been the only summer films that I’ve enjoyed this year. I just hope that Toy Story 4, The Lion King, and Hobbes & Shaw are good.

  5. Godzilla was fun! Stayed true to the TOHO series. Fans would appreciate it, average movie goer and reddit user will hate it.

  6. With the exception of Disney Marvel and Animation films, it seems. Star Wars IX will still make bank, but how it will compare box-office-wise to the other films is still tbd.

    The sheer strength of the Disney brand is imposing and worrisome. On one hand, it’s some assurance of a good time at the movies (I still have doubts about Lion King), on the other hand, their business practices are atrotious.

  7. Rocketman and Booksmart have been the only two things that I’ve truly enjoyed so far this summer. Still holding out hope for FFH and Hobbes and Shaw though.

  8. Godzilla KOTM is essentially an elaborate fan project with a huge budget, for better or worse.

    It is definitely NOT a result of the “sequel factory”

    Edit: I may have worded this poorly. I don’t mean that KOTM isn’t a big budget sequel, I mean that it’s a big budget sequel to a massive movie that came out 5 years before it, and was given to a director who genuinely cares about the source material and franchise.

    People are trying to act like this movie was shat out a year after the original as a cash grab sequel which is utterly ridiculous. Even taking Kong into account as part of the franchise, each film was given the time and care they deserved, regardless of how you feel the final product turned out.

  9. That fact they have a image from the Godzilla movie tells em all I need to know about Bloombergs ability to judge movies:

    It stinks.

  10. What goes up must come down. Endgame was the culmination of 11 years of hype. Not even Marvel is going to be able to recapture that energy again. We’ve hit peak cinematic universe and we’re gonna see the genre begin to slowly deflate over the next few years.

  11. We’re in the post-Endgame market. Hype is no longer something you can build in 12 months. You need 12 years.

  12. Did anyone really expect Dark Pheonix to do well? It’s a rehash of the same story that nearly caused a reboot last time. X-Men movies have been so erratic in quality, why would anyone risk seeing it in theaters unless it got Logan levels of Rotten Tomatoes score.

  13. It’s almost like people are sick of big, dumb, loud movies with expensive effects that look faker than effects from 40 years ago and want to see real movies made again…

  14. Critics complaining about there being *too much* monster fighting in Godzilla tells me all I need to know about how valid their opinions are.

  15. To hell with ’em in regards to Godzilla, I loved King of the Monsters. No one goes to a Godzilla movie looking for a spectacular, Oscar-worthy human plot. We go to a Godzilla movie to see sick-ass giant monsters beat the shit out of each other.

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