Jon Hamm shoots down possibilities of ‘Mad Men’ spin-offs

Jon Hamm shoots down possibilities of 'Mad Men' spin-offs 4

Jon Hamm shoots down possibilities of ‘Mad Men’ spin-offs




  1. Well. Can’t read the article because it’s not available in the EU, so I’m commenting blind, but Mad Men really doesn’t seem the type of show to work with spin-offs. The only character who I can imagine in their own show is Sally as a teenager in the 70’s, but, I don’t know, it seems so unnecessary. Why not do an original show about a teenage girl in the 70’s? Adding the name Sally Draper wouldn’t add anything to it.

  2. I don’t think it’s been 13 years yet, so we’ll see.

    Also, you can watch Sabrina on Netflix and pretend it’s actually Sally Draper being raised by her witch aunts for high school.

  3. Well, with positive experience of work between Jon Hamm and Noah Howley (season 2 of *Legion*, the upcoming Noah’s movie *Lucy in the Sky*) I’d like to watch Jon Hamm in new season of *Fargo*.

  4. AMC tried to get the Mad Men people to do a spin-off. They said no. The series feels pretty ‘done’ and Hamm and Weiner are on bad terms after Weiner stopped Hamm from getting the male lead in Gone Girl.

  5. I’d rather see a spinoff without him. More interested in what the other characters ended up doing in the 70s and 80s — like Peggy, Joan, and Stan Rizzo. Maybe Sally Draper grows up and takes over the firm one day.

  6. Aw man I was really hoping for a spin-off where we follow Chauncey’s journey all over New York city until he finally finds a forever home

  7. Ehhh I feel like they’ll just ruin it. Despite a couple bumps Mad Men was one of those shows that was consistently good and ended everything well. No need to ruin it.

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