I’d actually wish to see a reboot or continuation of SeaQuest DSV – Produced in 19…

I'd actually wish to see a reboot or continuation of SeaQuest DSV - Produced in 19... 4

[SeaQuest](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gg6AsKsPH24) aired in 1993-1996 and was set in 2018. It handled a variety of real-world environmental points, however with a scifi twist. It starred Roy Scheider because the Captain of SeaQuest (And later Michael Ironside), a Deep Submergence Vehicle and its solid included a sensible, however animatronic dolphin.

At the top of each episode throughout the credit, there was info on one thing that was touched on within the present, giving additional particulars. Just just a little technique to inform and entertain.

30 years on, planetary conservatory is extra vital than ever. It could be improbable to see SeaQuest reimagined or continued with at this time’s budgets and results. I believe it would be improbable. What do you suppose?




  1. Oh yeah I remember this! Interesting concept and entertaining . Didn’t they have a talking dolphin or something?

  2. I think it’d be cool to see a reboot! It’s a really rich setting that could allow for a lot of different ideas. It could take place in a future world with heightened sea rise and the geopolitical ramifications of that. I could also see it being a more modern character-driven show with arcs, rather than an “adventure of the week” format. Lots of opportunity for drama coming from the main characters — Captain Bridger’s loss of his son, the tensions between the military and science nature of SeaQuest’s mission, etc — and/or from the outside — climate refugees, geopolitical squabbles, etc.


    Plus the theme song was cool!

  3. Hmm… maybe ocean levels rising lead to a greater emphasis on deep sea exploration. That kinda makes sense. I’d love to see a reboot.

  4. It might have a hard time today being seen as too political. Half the country has since been weaponized by the rich to think climate change is a Chinese hoax.

  5. Amazing, I remember watching it with my brother after school every day. We always wanted to see the finale, where they met the aliens, but that episode never seemed to air.

    The Seaquest was too big. I understand what they were doing, but it was the size of a cruise ship, and that never made sense to me, underwater. Did love the little sub w/ the tail though.

  6. I could go for a modernized reboot of this. Should probably only be like 10 episode seasons though.

  7. Would much rather see Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea be remade and stick to adventure without the Wheel of Morality/Political Flogging aspect of DSV.

  8. >it was an earth-based, scifi show set primarily underwater

    Which didn’t stop characters from describing foreigners with same language and tone as is they were aliens

    Good riddance to this turd

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