Lionsgate’s ‘Borderlands’ Film Will Feature A Female Protagonist

Lionsgate's 'Borderlands' Film Will Feature A Female Protagonist 4

Lionsgate’s ‘Borderlands’ Film Will Feature A Female Protagonist




  1. This article is fucking horrible. It says it will have the story pulled straight from the games, but then goes on to outline a completely different story they’re supposedly telling.

    Then it says it will take a “departure” from the series by having an “original” female protagonist in Lilith. Who isn’t an original character at all and is in fact, arguably, the main character of the entire series. Seriously, who gets paid to write this stuff?

  2. Lilith will always be my favorite Borderlands character, but this kind of sounds like they just took a bunch of words associated with the franchise, shook them up in a bag, and drew them out at random.

  3. The script is written by Oren Uziel, who wrote :

    22 Jump Street

    The Cloverfield Paradox

    Sonic The Hedgehog (bruh)

  4. I mean, if you can point to one character of the series as being the “main” protagonists, it’d be Lillith. She tends to get the most screen time, and out of the original four, her and Mordecai are the the ones with any significant development. Roland is pretty bland, and Brick is suited better as the meathead secondary/comic relief.

  5. Such a revolutionary thing to do when Borderlands has female characters to play as. Seriously how does anyone take this shit seriously.

  6. That is uh…I hope that’s a first draft of the story. Yikes.

    Well now I’m hoping this ends with Gearbox adding a sidequest to BL3 that makes fun of the movie.

  7. >Lilith in the Atlas Corporation space prison when the CEO gives her the chance to earn her freedom by rescuing his daughter, the foul-mouthed Tiny Tina

    Uhh… What? Your telling me the CEO of one of the biggest companies on Pandora managed to get himself sold to Hyperion by a psycho? Not buying it. Her parents should remain complete nobodies. Hell, they shouldn’t even be characters, her instability comes from their torture and subsequent death.

  8. Can we like, **not** have a Borderlands movie?

    No one plays those games and says “I hope they make a movie out of this!”

  9. Definitely a departure from the games. As long as the characters are still the same as the game I don’t think I have a problem with the scenario being different. Lilith trying to rescue Tina who’s bodyguard is Krieg could be really interesting if done correctly, but I’m worried its more a case of the studio just taking character names then throwing them at a wall and seeing what sticks.

    Would be really disappointed if we didn’t get Handsome Jack in live action from this as well.

  10. Well, Lilith is the ‘main’ character out of the 4 original Vault Hunters, so that makes sense. Now, as for the movie itself…I think most people are gonna have serious reservations. Especially with that plot description. Tiny Tina has to be rescued? But she’s also the ‘secret’ to the Vaults? That sounds like a super generic story and not at all like Borderlands.

  11. You know I’m always optimistic about video games movie adaptations, even after so many of them flopping time after time.

    But this one really shouldn’t happen, the Borderlands universe just won’t translate well into cinema. And with the previous director dropping it really doesn’t bode well.

  12. Dumb article. Having Lilith be the protagonist of a Borderlands film is the least surprising story decision they could’ve made. She’s basically the lead character in the games anyway.

  13. I dont think it will be good. Few studios understand what makes a good video game movie. They want to use the name to draw in fans, but dont spend the time understanding the material.

  14. As long as the intro starts with Bruce DuBose asking if we want to hear a story and includes a skag getting run over, I’m sold.

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