“Punch-Drunk Love” (2002) is unbelievable.

"Punch-Drunk Love" (2002) is unbelievable. 4

I noticed this for the primary time yesterday and it is nice; most likely my favourite Paul Thomas Anderson movie (I’ve solely seen The Master and Inherent Vice). Just about each facet of this film is top of the range. Of course Adam Sandler’s efficiency as Barry is nice and actually good casting from PTA. I primarily love the best way PTA reveals the impact Barry’s sisters have on his life mixed along with his apparent social nervousness. There are so many scenes within the film the place Barry is speaking to one in all his sisters and you may really feel his nervousness, particularly in [this scene](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bzpYmwKbpjA). I feel a giant a part of what helps create this sense is the music. The rating is phenomenal for what the movie is making an attempt to be and I can not image lots of the scenes having almost the identical impact if totally different music was to have been used. One minute the viewers is nervous and frantic proper together with Barry, and the subsequent they’re peacefully soaking within the dream-like environment within the Hawaii scenes, the place we lastly see Barry away from his sisters and all his different troubles. Then in fact there’s the entire plot with PSH’s character which is the place I feel a whole lot of the darkish comedy comes from. Highly advocate this if you have not seen it; do not be turned off by Adam Sandler’s title on the quilt.




  1. The part that enrages me during this scene is his sister revealing that her husband told her about Barry asking for help.

  2. [SHUT SHUT SHUT SHUT SHUT UP!](https://youtu.be/oE2FCCZ50VU?t=1m55s)

    Philip Seymour Hoffman, true to form, fucking *delivers* with such a small role.

    God, I miss him.

  3. To me, this was (kinda) like Jim Carrey doing Truman Show. At this point in their carreers (separately) they said, watch me kill it in this non-comedy. *I can do other shit…*

  4. This is a great gem of a film; absolutely adore it.

    If you want to watch something else where Adam Sandler reallllllly shows his acting chops, check out Reign Over Me.

  5. I liked this movie but it made me super uncomfortable. Like every interaction was so unorthodox or awkward and coupled with the kind of claustrophobic filming; really gave me anxiety watching the movie (which maybe was the point?). Great movie but idk if I want to revisit it fondly or anything like that.

  6. It’s a student thesis film on the Adam Sandler genre and in that way it’s brilliant. It takes all the energy and emotion of one of his films and puts it into reality, showing how an unstable, angry, sexually frustrated man would be without straw men that are easy to tear down and people who react realistically to his outbursts. He smashes a glass door and everyone calls him a “retard.” In one of Sandler’s sillier movies it would be a moment of triumph.

    I wish he would do a movie like this again, but he seems a little obsessed with making himself look cool even when he plays a “loser.”

  7. I saw this in theaters and by the time the movie was over, half the audience had walked out. I think we all expected more Happy Gilmore

  8. I love this movie. PTA made an artful movie that was true to what Adam Sandler’s most endearing aspects are. Kind of dumb and sweet but with a serious anger issue. Very much in the spirit of his appeal in happy Gilmore(one big example).

    I highly recommend checking out PTA’s films prior to this one. Boogie nights is of course a beloved classic.. but I think Magnolia captures some of the surreal magic of punch drunk love and is my fav by him.

  9. My wife played Goergia, the phone sex girl. Her residual checks have been getting bigger the last few years due to all the streaming. So by all means keep talking about this movie!

  10. I haven’t seen this one yet, will definitely check it out now!

    But OP, you seriously need to see *There Will Be Blood.*

  11. Great flick. If you haven’t seen There Will Be Blood yet you need to hop on that *immediately*.

  12. I just made the connection that Lena is the female scientist in Chernobyl and I can’t believe I didn’t realize that sooner.

  13. My all time fav. Every time I mention it to people no one knows what I’m talking about. Needs to be watched by everyone at least once.

  14. If you want a wild read, check out Jeremy Blake’s Life and death and stories about him and girlfriend being followed (he did the moving color artwork throughout the film).

  15. I love how Barry literally can’t so no without saying yes first, just one of his many social hangups. I haven’t watched since it released so it’s been awhile but that quirk really stood out for me. Like when the phone sex lady calls him asking for money and he’s just like “yeah, no I can’t do that” lol.

  16. I relate a ton to his character. Nothing else has really spoken to me like that. It’s a really niche film though and by that I mean it doesn’t appeal to most people because they don’t understand his character or why he is the way he is at all.

  17. Does anyone have the DVD case of this? Wasn’t it suggested on the case to crank the blue tint on your tube TV to watch this, the make the blue bloom even more?

    Am I remembering that right?

  18. I, too, only recently watched this film for the first time. I finally got over my indecision to watch it after it was described to me as “NOT an Adam Sandler film. This is a Paul Thomas Anderson film.”

  19. I liked it a lot too. It got bad reviews bc no one could adjust to Sandler in a drama role, and he was too oversensitive to criticism. I wish he’d stuck with it and continued making more ambitious movies.

    You’ll prolly like Spanglish, too.

  20. Nice movie about a nice guy whos nice to everybody and they keep shitting on him until he can’t take it anymore =)

  21. Saw this in the theater way back when. I remember being excited to see Adam Sandler in a serious role. So great.

  22. Man, the only time I saw this was in the worst situation possible. I was drunk off my ass and it was my college’s free movie night at the stage theater. Wandered over there and passed out about a quarter of the way through. Woke up for the final 20 minutes or so, so confused about Adam Sandler being serious. Here we are 17 years later and sober, maybe I should give it another try.

  23. Watch hard 8 and magnolia – Jesus. You think this is good. PTA peaked at boogie nights. Genius.

  24. Gotta disagree. Only thing notable was the score of the film. The rest of it is simply not very interesting and I say that as an average movie watcher. I know there’s obviously some artistry in all the symbolism; it’s by PTA afterall but it’s just too boring as a whole, and I feel I can realistically say it’s not a movie most people would watch again or even finish the first time. I feel it’s pretty similar holistically to Magnolia – a well acted movie with good writing but is not something I would want to watch in my free time, a movie that you need to gather yourself for emotionally.

    Although, there was an interesting theory on youtube that this was PTA’s idea of a superhero origin movie (Superman).

  25. What pisses me of about Adam Sandler post ~ Mr deeds, is that he seems to be a way better dramatic actor than a comedic one.

    I swear the dude has missed his calling.

  26. love this movie but anyone else not really like the romantic part of this movie?

    I get that she is just like him but I don’t know did not like that aspect.

  27. This is my favorite PTA movie. It has this quality a lot of his films do that I can’t quite articulate. But it’s like the colors just pop off the screen, the actors just look more interesting, they sound more interesting, etc than in other films.

    The color blue especially gives this one a fun visual style. Adam Sandler is able to use his considerable talent on a well-written character. He even exhibits more physical presence that he usually does on screen. All around fantastic movie.

  28. I watched it high as hell and the scene with Adam Sandler answering all the phone calls while in his office tripped me out. PTA’s control of his actors and flow of scenes is masterful.

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