The Amazing Johnathan Documentary Trailer (Official)

The Amazing Johnathan Documentary Trailer (Official) 4

The Amazing Johnathan Documentary Trailer (Official)




  1. I used to love The Amazing Johnathan. A staple of the old Alex Bennett hosted “Comedy Tonight” Show.

    Had no idea about ANY of this. Definitely looking forward to it.

  2. For those interested, comedian Steve Byrne made an amazing (pun intended) documentary about The Amazing Johnathan and released it for free a week ago!


    [Full Documentary](

  3. I saw this movie at Sundance, it’s pretty great. This trailer gives away more than I wish it did.

  4. One of my absolute favorite comedians. I’ll absolutely be seeing this. I own his first book signed by him. It’s falling apart I read it so much so its not really a collectors item now haha

  5. This. Looks. Fantastic.

    I grew up watching Jonathan and I’ve been following his story closely ever since his announced diagnosis. Things have for sure gotten weird (as if they were ever normal to begin with) and this trailer has me hooked.

  6. In 2002, I worked at the Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas selling massage products from a booth in the hallway of the mall. I was one of those guys barking at passersby, trying to sell them shit they didn’t need. Our biggest seller was that eight-pronged head massager that gives you that tingly feeling. You know the one.

    One evening, the Amazing Johnathan walks by with a beautiful woman hanging on his arm. I say, “Hey Amazing Johnathan, want to release some endorphins?”

    He says, “No thanks. I don’t have sex with dolphins.”

    To this day, I’m not sure if that joke makes any sense. I’m not even sure it qualifies as a joke. But goddamn does it give me a small chuckle about once every six months.

  7. I was going to say I just watched a documentary on this guy so they’re releasing two? That’s insane

  8. does anyone have a release date? i’d watch the trailer but i’ve heard this is one to see without any spoilers so i’m going in as blind as possible!

  9. Saw him preform in Vegas once. Such a great show. Did a meet and greet after and I could tell he just did a couple lines.

  10. Steve Byrne is the director. He was just on Whiskey Ginger and Bert Kreisher’s podcasts

    Edit * he did a different one

  11. Saw him perform in Vegas years ago. He was hilarious and put on such a great show. I just watched the doc about him by Steve Byrne and really enjoyed that. I’m happy there is even more material about him coming soon.

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