Chernobyl – Comrade Dyatlov’s 3.6 roentgen scenes

Chernobyl - Comrade Dyatlov's 3.6 roentgen scenes 4

Chernobyl – Comrade Dyatlov’s 3.6 roentgen scenes




  1. First time through, I just thought he was an idiot and an asshole. Which is like the worst combination for a human being. But now that I’m deeper into the series it seems more like complete denial because the reality of the situation was too dire to accept.

    “He’s already dead. He just doesn’t know it yet.”

  2. That technicians side eye when Dyatlov starts spewing is a masterclass in acting delivered in 0.48 seconds…

  3. The way this is edited almost plays like a Monty Python sketch.

    “It’s really bad!”

    “That’s impossible!”

    Vomits blood all over table.

    “Apologies for that.”

    “Faulty meters!”

  4. As a former Reactor Operator (US Navy), I’ve just been utterly horrified watching some of this. And I already knew what happened, but this series really brings it home.

  5. A lesson for every workplace. Hear people out. Consider the possibility that the information that you were being given is wrong. Think about alternative scenarios. Don’t let your hopes and dreams and fears guide your delusions.

  6. I know it’d be out of character for Legasov but if he turned to Bryukhanov and said “15,000 roentgen… disgraceful.” It would have been the ultimate burn as Bryukhanov was being dragged away

  7. Dyatlov was chasing glory and he got fucked doing so. He thought he had solved a massive flaw in the RMBK reactors and so he wanted to push this test. It’s why no one above him knew about the test. He didn’t want them to have the glory and why he had to do it that night, in extremely non optimal situations.

    It is true that the plant had a faulty design and so they were ill prepared for how the plant would react in that situation, but most of the issues that occurred that night came from him not adhering to his original plan and not shutting it down when things were going south.

    Shame, they make him look like a fool when I think he was just a child trying to bury his mistake.

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