Hannah Gadsby calls Louis C.Ok. ‘offended and bitter’

Hannah Gadsby calls Louis C.Ok. 'offended and bitter' 4

Hannah Gadsby calls Louis C.Ok. ‘offended and bitter’




  1. >What the issue is, for a long time Louis C.K.’s comedy platform was that he was this hopeless guy bumbling through the world. And at some stage, he was no longer that, but that was still his voice. And I think he still believes that. He has not reassessed his position of power, and that is why he was able to abuse it. He still honestly thinks he’s the victim in all of this.”

    >She believes that C.K.’s material hasn’t changed and that neither has he. “He’s just angry and bitter,” Gadsby says, before asking, “why are we trusting a man who has a compulsion like that where it diminishes the humanity of the people around him? Why do we care what he thinks about the human condition?”

    >According to Gadsby, however, that doesn’t mean C.K. has no right to perform. “I could never advocate censorship. Censorship is useless because it leaves a gap where we learned a lesson.”

  2. Damn this comment section is a dumpster fire. I loved Louis just as much as anyone else but y’all have to understand that he didn’t just jerk off in front of people, he brought his fetish shit TO WORK. It’s one thing if you’re flirting with someone in a social setting, completely different situation when you’re their boss or coworker or colleague. Also I’m seeing a lot of comments saying “well he asked first so it’s ok” simply *asking* means nothing, and he definitely didn’t ask that woman on the phone, but you actually need to wait for a serious “yes” before you whip your dick out. He’s not at the level of Weinstein but what he did is still a gross abuse of power

  3. Wow, she compares CK to Cosby and Harvey Weinstein….. I don’t condone Louie’s actions, but lumping him with those guys is a bridge too far.

    Also, Louie is low hanging fruit at this point. Even though he’s still doing shows, he’s never going to have the mainstream support/success that he had.

  4. ITT: A bunch of pressed lesbophobic CK fans insulting Gadsby for being a bad comedian (or for looking like a man, wow you guys are so fucking transparent in how you value women based on their fuckability) as though she literally didn’t try to quit comedy and did that so badly she became more famous than ever. She’s certainly funnier than CK.

  5. He asked her if she wanted to watch him jerk off, she said no and he left. No problem with that.

  6. Sounds like she’s using him to keep relevant which is also using his victims to her financial gain. Maybe she should try being funny instead but then again her whole act is a Facebook post and enough people find that entertaining. So here we are.

  7. So how much did a PR firm pay her to make CK relevant again? I had forgotten about him, happy to let him languish in obscurity after his fall from grace. Bringing him back up again 2 years later is just beating a dead horse.

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