‘The Trip to Greece’ is in manufacturing

'The Trip to Greece' is in manufacturing 22

‘The Trip to Greece’ is in manufacturing




  1. The picture in the article is taken in the gorgeous island of [Lesbos](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lesbos) at it’s capital city Mytilene over [here](https://goo.gl/maps/cBmWEWTXKUAVEorY9).

    Expect at least one lesbian joke somewhere in there!

  2. I don’t care how many countries they go to, i will watch each and every one of them. Brydon and Coogan have terrific chemistry.

  3. I hope they chill a little with the parts about like Coogan’s son or whatever and…

    …Sorry, I just stopped posting because I suddenly remembered how the last movie in this series ended.

  4. This is like the Adam Sandler films where he just makes a movie with his buddies but actually gets a vacation out of it – except these are good