Wall Street (1987) With Michael Douglas And Charlie Sheen – The Only Film To Dat…

Wall Street (1987) With Michael Douglas And Charlie Sheen - The Only Film To Dat... 4

Wall Street (1987) With Michael Douglas And Charlie Sheen – The Only Film To Date To Win Both an Oscar (For Michael Douglas) And a Razzie (For Daryl Hannah).




  1. I’m not bein funny, but I watched Wall Street for the first time about a week ago and legit thought Hannah [was a dude](http://www.snakkle.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/Darryl-Hannah-wall-st-GC.jpg) in the first scene of hers.

  2. That’s fascinating. I should give Wall Street a rewatch. Daryl Hannah’s performances tend to be hit or miss depending on the film. Usually, not all, the typical one-note female protagonist. While notable in Blade Runner and Kill Bill, there wasn’t a role that she particularly stood out as. Michael Douglas is a high caliber actor. I loved him in Black Rain and now, recently in the MCU as Hank Pym, pure perfection.

  3. There’s some interesting behind the scenes stuff about this in the excellent book “The Oliver Stone Experience” by Matt Zoller Seitz (essentially a book length interview where Seitz takes Stone through each of his movies). Stone says that early on, it was clear Hannah did not connect with her part and did not want to be there (FWIW years later she was diagnosed as autistic I believe). The producers urged Stone to recast but he said no – in retrospect he acknowledges he should have listened to them. Meanwhile Sean Young (who played Gordon Gekko’s wife) lobbied heavily for the Daryl Hannah role. Young picked up on Hannah’s dissatisfaction and continued to lobby for her role openly even after the decision was made to keep Hannah, which earned the ire of the cast and crew. Then Young really pissed everyone off by showing up late, etc. and in general acting out to express her anger at not switching the parts (she and Charlie Sheen in particular hated each other, causing a plotline where Bud Fox, Sheen’s character, has an affair with Gekko’s wife to be dropped). What’s interesting is that Oliver Stone tells Seitz Sean Young was right, she should’ve played the part and he should’ve fired Hannah.

  4. I would gave thought Suicide Squad also won both, but nope Leto was the only nomination. They threw their hate behind Batman vs. Superman instead

  5. What was wrong with Daryl Hannah in it? I don’t recall her being memorable, yet nothing memorably bad.

  6. She has kind of a sorta interesting look, but besides that I can’t figure why Tarantino seems to like her so much. The woman can’t act.

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