Jack Black Became a YouTuber after his pitch for a tenacious D animated collection, …

Jack Black Became a YouTuber after his pitch for a tenacious D animated collection, ... 4

Jack Black Became a YouTuber after his pitch for a tenacious D animated collection, “Post-Apocalypto,” was rejected by Amazon, HBO, and Netflix




  1. His channel is technically a gaming channel and it cracks me up that almost every week he says “sorry no gaming in this video.” Love the channel!

  2. I love Tenacious D, but Post-Apocalypto was kinda underwhelming so I get why it was passed on by those companies. It doesn’t have enough songs on it (most are just voice tracks from the YouTube series) and the songs arent their best work mainly because it’s a concept album that sort of limited them.

    Still fun to watch and listen, but was expecting more for a new D album/series. Really looking forward to seeing them live in a few months though and eventually their next album

  3. Could you imagine the guy at Netflix who has to turn down Jack Black, so he can green-light a series about two teenagers who turn into zombies then find a time-traveling cave which turns them into superheroes but they’re actually ghosts living in a digital projection that is only visible on the infrared scale

  4. FYI, His youtube series is fucking awesome. People gave it shit when he was shooting during the production of Jumanji 2. But, hes doing weekly videos so what did they expect? Also, [He did this](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iXq6aCNF5Rs) at the end of the shoot which was just awesome.

  5. We need another live action Tenacious D movie. Something more realistic than Post-Apocalypto – which was fantastic for a self made youtube series. I don’t know how they will top Pick of Destiny though.

  6. Thanks for Amazon, HBO and Netflix for giving me the gold which is Jablinksi Games. Forever a Jable meow.

  7. It always makes me sad that Black and Gass don’t want to think about Pick of Destiny because it was a financial flop. That movie is a goddamn masterpiece.

  8. I gotta tell ya, if Netflix is rejecting your idea it probably ain’t good. And I love Jack Black but good god have you seen some of the stuff that Netflix shits out?

  9. Ya no thats not why, its a “gaming channel” with his sons. Post apocalypto isnt even on the channel lol, its on the tenacious d one.

  10. I fuckin love jablinski. It seems like his oldest sun is making/editing videos?? Or is he just in his asshole 14 y/o stage hahaha

  11. That’s because that series was going to be garbage and a terrible investment for whatever poor schmuck picked it up. The trailer was god awful, totally unwatchable.

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