‘Chernobyl’ Beats ‘Game Of Thrones’ Digital Record For HBO, Ratings Explode

‘Chernobyl’ Beats ‘Game Of Thrones’ Digital Record For HBO, Ratings Explode 4

‘Chernobyl’ Beats ‘Game Of Thrones’ Digital Record For HBO, Ratings Explode




  1. All TV executives right now:

    “Fantasy is dead! Cancel all of the fantasy series and get me more manmade disasters!”

  2. Good guys D&D purposefully shitting the bed so that little shows like Chernobyl can get all the glory.

  3. misleading, all it means is that less people watched it live on hbo, and more people streamed it. It is still in the middle of their shows in viewship below Big Little Liars and True Detective, just ahead of Sharper Objects. They are touting that 52% of viewers watched via stream compared to 48% streaming for GoT. Nearly identical numbers.

    They are well less than half the viewship of GoT, and it looks like they had less than half as many online viewers as well even though that is the stat they are exploiting.

  4. While I love Chernobyl for what it was, I worry that a lot of TV makers will get it wrong and just flood the market with some drama-catastrophy lowbefdoet shows.

    Chernobyl was not great because it was about some disaster. It was great because it told a story about human sacrifice and a government that was too rigid to react. It told a true story and explained the underlying physical reasons and explanations. It was good because it was real and informative. I might go as far as saying it was educative entertainment.

    I also liked that not the people were the focus of the plot, but the disaster, the courage of the population.

    My money is on someone trying the same with Fukushima. And it might work, as long as it is not dragged out over several filler episodes filled relationship dramas that do not advance the plot.

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