Jon Stewart on whether or not he’ll ever do TV once more: “…there may simply come a tim…

Jon Stewart on whether or not he'll ever do TV once more: "...there may simply come a tim... 4

Jon Stewart on whether or not he’ll ever do TV once more: “…there may simply come a time…”




  1. I would kill for him to come back to TV, even for more of a weekly show a la John Oliver. Hell, make him host of a Last *Month* Tonight and I’ll be happy. The world needs his voice, even if it is just a little bit.

  2. >**What would it take for you to do TV again, if you could create any job, any parameters you wanted?**

    >There’s nothing TV did to make me go away. I’d done it for so long I was just ready to go. It doesn’t mean that there wouldn’t be a situation in the future — I’m relatively busy — but there could easily come a time when I knock on the door and say, “Let’s do a Three’s Company reboot, and I’ll be the Suzanne character.” Who knows? I don’t know that I’d ever want to return to that type of grind, but maybe doing other things. I really enjoy the process. That’s the joy of it. And who doesn’t want more joy. … Unless you’re the joy police? Are you the joy police?

  3. I remember being so excited to watch Stewart and Colbert back to back every night. It was a spoonful of sugar to make the raw sewage of the world tolerable to hear about.

    I think I watched their replacements… once, and never went back. And watching Colbert in a proper lateshow was like seeing a prize racehorse moved to a small pen to live out it’s life for the rest of it’s days, getting pictures taken with tourists. Never being able to run or even see the sun. Just a shadow of his former self, completely wasted pandering to the lowest common denominator night after night.

    I’ve missed Colbert, and seeing him where he is made me so sad knowing he could be doing so much better. Even if the pay itself is probably better.

  4. He shouldn’t have left 🙁 Trevor is a nice person but isn’t personally invested in American politics enough to connect with the audience. He’s too playful about everything.

  5. I miss his show, and I say this as someone who is on the opposite end of politics from him. The thing that made him great was that he made fun of everyone. He had segments ripping on Bush, but he also had segments ripping on Pelosi. Most importantly, he had lots of segments that just showed the flat out absurdity of politicians and the media from both sides. He’d rip on Fox, he’d rip on CNN, he’d rip on some random Republican congressperson you never heard of, and he’d rip on some random Democrat congressperson you never heard of. Unfortunately, the late shows today only rip on 1 side, and most (read: all) of the time it’s not even funny. It gets more of a golf clap than a laugh. Jon Stewart provided the funny, my cheeks hurt from laughing, kind of jokes and segments that everyone could enjoy.

  6. Honest question: If Stewart hadn’t retired when he did, summer of 2015, does the 2016 election turn out differently?

    He was so good at skewering bullshit. And he was at the centre of the conversation about a lot of what was going on in politics. I’ve got to believe that if he had been around, interpreting the 2016 campaign, things might have turned out differently. The Access Hollywood tape should have ended Trump; with Stewart on every night might that actually have happened.

    Trevor Noah, love him or hate him or think he’s growing into the job, is not at the centre of any conversation. Nobody is asking “did you see what Noah said last night?”


    ETA: This is not to say that any of what’s happened is Stewart’s fault. It was never his job to protect America from … this. Just pondering.

  7. He became a divisive figure to some. I remember him talking about walking down the street with his kids and people would insult him and give him shit..basically just for being liberal. I miss him on TV a ton, but I understand why he may have wanted a break, least until his kids are older. That and I think he just burned out on the cynicism.

  8. Couple things

    It’s pretty crazy how Colbert Report was born. As great the Daily Show was, we got to watch an extension of that which built it’s own premise and a lot of times was even better than the Daily show. I loved nothing more on fact when the two hosts would cross over and do bits together. Hell when Conan o Brien was on with both of them I was grinning like a damn kid the whole time.

    They’re both amazing and deserve to enjoy this next phase of their lives.

    I get that people think Colbert took a step down but he’s human. Why shouldn’t he enjoy a cushy job? These guys ain’t young anymore.

    When he retires from his current show, people are gonna say they now miss it too.

  9. I can understand why Jon Stewart left late night TV, but we needed his voice of reason during these turbulent times. Trevor Noah was an okay replacement, but he can’t frame news stories like Stewart could. Stewart told news stories in a funny, irreverent manner, and then held them to a moral compass, where as i feel like with Noah, the news stories are just something to poke fun at. What i mean is Jon Stewart was more political, whereas Trevor Noah is more comedic.

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