Where has cinematographer Wally Pfister been?

Where has cinematographer Wally Pfister been? 4

This man is/was one in every of my favourite cinematographers however after the poor efficiency of his directorial debut Transcendence, he hasn’t been on a significant manufacturing.

I simply watched Moneyball and did not notice till the top that he shot that, too, and on reflection – it seems unimaginable! He has a knack for making sports activities look epic (the Jordan “[Field Generals](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=teY3kmsLjKE)” industrial is unimaginable).

I hope he connects with Nolan once more sooner or later.




  1. He directs TV and commercials. I’d hope that he’d do a movie again. It’s obvious that he doesn’t want to DP anymore.

  2. It’s weird how average looking that movie looked and how weird the dark scenes were way too dark to barely see anything and he’s a cinematographer..

  3. Transcendence was a great movie. Not sure what the general public was thinking on that one. Very competently shot and made. Script was ok. Could have been 30 minutes longer. Have a sustained existential crisis as long as I have, smoke a joint before turning it on, and this movie makes sense as much as it can given the outlandish premise. Audiences and critics got that one wrong big time. Hope he finds more work in the near future!

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