IndieWire names The Leftovers the very best present of the last decade

IndieWire names The Leftovers the very best present of the last decade 4

IndieWire names The Leftovers the very best present of the last decade




  1. The list is actually a top 50; the link being provided is just the top 10. For those who were wondering where *Twin Peaks: The Return* or *Halt and Catch Fire* are, don’t worry, they’re on the list.

    [Here’s the link to page 1](

    50: The Terror

    49: True Detective

    48: Superstar

    47: One Day at a Time

    46: The Good Fight

    45: Justified

    44: Big Little Lies

    43: Homecoming

    42: Archer

    41: Master of None

    40: Fargo

    39: Killing Eve

    38: Sharp Objects

    37: Olive Kitteridge

    36: Looking

    35: Rectify

    34: The Handmaid’s Tale

    33: Speechless

    32: Twin Peaks

    31: Terriers

    30: Party Down

    29: Nathan For You

    28: Dear White People

    27: Better Call Saul

    26: Catastrophe

    25: Big Mouth

    24: Barry

    23: American Crime Story

    22: Review

    21: The Crown

    20: Tuca & Bertie

    19: Broad City

    18: Russian Doll

    17: Key & Peele

    16: The Good Place

    15: You’re the Worst

    14: Halt and Catch Fire

    13: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

    12: Bob’s Burgers

    11: Better Things

  2. To save you a click:

    10- Atlanta (FX, 2016-Present)

    9- Parks and Recreation (NBC, 2009-2015)

    8- The Americans (FX, 2013-2018)

    7- 30 Rock (NBC, 2006-2013)

    6- Veep (HBO, 2012-2019)

    5- Hannibal (NBC, 2013-2015)

    4- BoJack Horseman (Netflix, 2014-2019)

    3- Breaking Bad (AMC, 2008-2013)

    2- Fleabag (BBC/Amazon, 2016-2019)

    1- The Leftovers (HBO, 2014-2017)

  3. Why is Twin Peaks: The Return not on this list? Or would it be on the list of best “films” of the decade instead?

  4. Game of Thrones has left an *insanely* sour taste in people’s mouths. Not even honorable mention? Before this last season people were calling it generation defining. And quite frankly even with that turd of a last (2 in my opinion) season(s) it still is. The intense hate came because of the intense love. Not to even mention it is just a tad absurd.

  5. No bad shows in that list, I might quibble with the order of things.


    The Leftovers was a cut above most shows as it dealt with issues and concepts I’ve never seen dealt with on TV. I found myself thinking about it and having discussions with my wife that became philosophical in nature. In short, it was certainly the TV show that’s affected me the most in the last decade.

  6. The Leftovers also marked a very important milestone: that of Damon lindelof finally figuring out how to write a satisfying ending to something.

  7. It’s a bit of a silly list (though The Leftovers is of course deserving of the top spot). The most bizarre thing was that Mad Men was excluded because apparently the final few seasons (the ones that aired in this decade) had a drop off in quality? That’s hilarious because even if you accept that there was a drop off in quality (not a widely held belief by fans and critics) Mad Men at its worst is far better than most of the 50 shows on the list. Also any list like this that doesn’t put Twin Peaks The Return at least in the top 10 is going to look insane a few years from now.

    I’m not saying the shows on the list aren’t good. I’ve watched and enjoyed a lot of them. But the list is a bit fucked all the same.

  8. I know it’s so circle jerky but fuck it The Leftovers absolutely deserves it in my eyes. It took a creative and unique idea and told the story in a different way (using grief as the story as opposed to the corny “what happened?”). And then the acting was fantastic and the writing was excellent. Then you add in the incredible score. It really just came across as an experience when watching for me.

    I’m not sure if it feels the same way for people who binge it after the fact. But I just know week to week it was a gripping and crazy experience, especially towards the end of S2 and then all of S3

  9. love Bojack but I feel it has become heavily overrated. It’s definitely not #4 anything.

    I feel that because it’s a show that many people don’t take seriously, the ones who do take it way TOO seriously and rate it higher than they should to compensate.

  10. I hate it when these top lists (especially those that list multiple authors) say absolutely nothing about how they came up with the list.

    Like these are are very good shows but how did they rate every show to come up with the list and number them?

  11. It’s crazy how that last season absolutely destroyed the reputation of Game of Thrones. Even with that shitty season 7 I couldn’t imagine it being left off a top 10 list like this. D&D truly did something remarkable. I can’t wait for their comic con panel lol


    Damn, it’s not even in the top 50…I don’t know if that’s fair. I would’ve put it somewhere in the top 20 tbh.

  12. The Leftovers has moments that affected me like nothing else I’ve ever seen.

    Season one is an inconsistent 7/10 (except for “Guest” which was a 10/10 standout). Seasons 2 and 3, though? Just beautiful, powerful and profoundly human.

  13. I think that is fair, I can’t think of a show that fires on all cylinders like this show be it the writing, directing, acting, composing, cinematography, clothing, locations, and more.

  14. I’m a bit surprised about the lack of Game of Thrones. While the final season was a bit polarizing, I’d say it’s still, at the very least, a top ten show of this decade.

  15. To each their own I guess. I tried my best to about mid-way through season 2 and kept thinking ‘this has to get better since critics love it’. I didn’t finish season 2.

  16. I love The leftovers and granted I have not seen stuff like Breaking Bad,mad men so I don’t really have a say but Im happy with this.

  17. best choice. The Leftovers absolutely deserve it. and good that game of thrones is absent. there should be a difference between shows that are improving with each season and shows that collapse midway.

  18. *Mad Men* would be my pick for the best TV show of all time, so naturally it follows that it would also be my pick for the best TV show of the decade.

    However, if we’re strictly going by TV shows that started airing in the 2010s, *The Leftovers* would be my pick for the best TV show of the decade.

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