‘Good Omens’ Is Worth Watching, For The Platonic Love Story

‘Good Omens’ Is Worth Watching, For The Platonic Love Story 4

‘Good Omens’ Is Worth Watching, For The Platonic Love Story




  1. I know they did the entire novel and Gaiman has said he has no plans for a season two because, frankly, he’s too busy with other things, but, dammit, man, Tennant and Sheen are such a blast to watch playing off each other. And the two seem to love playing their characters. I want more.

    Or at least, give me another project with the two actors teaming up with each other.

  2. Just finished it. Open up reddit and this is the first thing i see. I think terry would have loved it. GNU terry pratchett

  3. It’s funny, I finished season 2 of The Good Fight right before watching Good Omens, and it’s crazy how much I absolutely hated Michael Sheen’s performance on Good Fight, but absolutely loved his performance on Good Omens, and I think that’s because the chemistry between Sheen and Tennant was so incredible. Every scene they were in together was so great, and I couldn’t wait to see more. Also, the two actors just looked like they were having a great time working together. It’s rare to find this kind of chemistry on TV.

  4. I’m a simple man. I see David Tennant, and watch it.

    The guy always leaves me wanting more of the character he’s playing.

  5. It’s the old Sam and Frodo love. Crowley’s reactions to sadness was the most human thing I saw in a long time. Someone with an ironclad confidence showing vulnerability.

  6. They are the best part, it seems the show played them up a lot and had less on the 4 horsemen. It’s been awhile since I’ve read the book but I remember a lot more about the horsemen

  7. …you watch it..


    and can’t help but to wonder how they would have played each other’s roles…

    and it’s because they’re so good.

  8. [Yeah… platonic…](http://www.david-tennant.co.uk/2018/11/michael-sheen-inspired-by-good-omens.html?fbclid=IwAR0E4AHcmZtvLtm9920gDa4r1RsaftKiyPl0fflUFZ_j1DIjPtDbrhobZq4&m=1)

  9. I loved it. Thought it was wonderful! But I can’t help but feel like Tennant has one mode- the doctor

  10. I’ve been meaning to get to this but I’m binge watching the wire right now and it’s hard to stop watching.

  11. Yes that seems correct. Article sums it all up well. The rest of the story is filled with bad acting and slow pacing, and the ending is not amazingly impressive.

    Although they might have spent the night together at the end, it’s not clear but there was definitely an invite.

  12. I quite liked watching it since they stayed so close to the book, but my one big problem with it was David Tennant’s acting. Normally, I love his work, but it was like watching an extended impression of Bill Nighy. It felt like he never really settled into the role.

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