Stranger Things 3 Has The Fun Of Season 1 And Horror Of Season 2, Says Finn Wolf…

Stranger Things 3 Has The Fun Of Season 1 And Horror Of Season 2, Says Finn Wolf... 4

Stranger Things 3 Has The Fun Of Season 1 And Horror Of Season 2, Says Finn Wolfhard – Exclusive




  1. Shouldn’t it be the reverse? Season 1 felt like the terrifying season while season 2 felt more fun. Either way I’m hyped!

  2. Hoping that S3 wraps the story. After what they’ve done so far, how can they top a season in a mall?

    EDIT: Also would *love* to see some sort of Dawn of the Dead reference in there somewhere!

  3. Yeah, but I don’t give a fuck if the horror is the usual cliched mutant cgi dogs, or The Thing from the trailer. I want more exploration into the Upside Down. I want more the kind of horror season 1 had, not the cheaper one of season 2, that was more like a Resident Evil movie.

    I just want Upside Down to actually have a bigger role on things, rather than just vomiting out some random monsters again. But yeah, I seem to be in the minority. It’s like with Lost that showed them monsters and mysteries and then just dedicated rest of the show on the groups interractions, with flash-every-which-way thrown in.

  4. Season two wasn’t bad but it wasn’t anywhere near the quality of season one. They tried too hard to “up the stakes” by making the characters face a bigger and scarier threat, and it just made everything more generic.

  5. im excited, but really hope the duffer brothers have the end game laid out.

    On one hand, i think the kids from Stranger Things are almost all future stars (Especially Millie Bobby Brown), on the other, im worried the story will fall apart as they get older and we veer away from what made the show special in the first place

  6. Feels like it’s been 5 years since the last season and it’s hard to get excited about these shows who take forever and a day to get to the next part of their story. I get it, but protracted hiatuses really take the wind out of the sails of the momentum of a show. Don’t get me started on the mid-season finale…

  7. Season 2 felt like a tedious re-tread of season 1, right down to replacing the “house bedecked with Christmas lights” visual with “house covered in the tunnel maps”, so I’m probably just going to pass on it this time.

  8. Unlopular opinion (especially on this sub) : I absolutely love season 2 and I think it’s as good as the first one (excluding S02E07)

  9. As long as it doesn’t have the Boring of Season 2 side arc I’ll be happy. Defintely wouldn’t be able to stick another episode of edgy half-assed characters.

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