Netflix claims ‘When They See Us’ has been the platform’s most-watched sequence in…

Netflix claims ‘When They See Us’ has been the platform's most-watched sequence in... 4

Netflix claims ‘When They See Us’ has been the platform’s most-watched sequence within the U.S. every single day because it premiered on May 31




  1. If I recall correctly Netflix counts a series as watched if just one episode has been viewed in full. A bit misleading imo

  2. Make a series that is actually good, and people will watch it (e.g. the Chernobyl effect)

    Amazing, isn’t it?

  3. Genuine question, should I still watch this even after watching the Central Park Five documentary (which I thought was very well done and covered the topic thoroughly)?

    Tried a couple minutes of the first ep and already feeling slow, but I guess you have to be in a mood to watch this type of drama.

  4. I think it’s good and the story is extremely import, but I couldn’t help but feel that it felt a bit to standard/by the numbers and didn’t engage as much as it could at some moments despite the excellent cast. I couldn’t help but compare it to a very thematically similar show, HBO’s The Night Of, which I think outdid When They see us in terms of writing/direction and overall style while also doing a much better jobs examining the institutional problems across the U.S justice system as a whole.

  5. Somehow I doubt this. The overall popularity is not really there.

    How does this only have 12k ratings on IMDB while Chernobyl has 223k?

    Perhaps it just speaks to the current state of Netflix originals TV series. Is it really more watched than Black Mirror that just came out?

  6. Clever Netflix leverages the conspiracy mindset to leverage more free publicity for it’s newest release from a press release of a statement that can be generally concluded as true.

  7. I tried it but found the first 30 min very boring. I’m sure it gets better. I’ll try it again one day

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