‘Euphoria’ (HBO) Review: Zendaya Series Is Too Much to Handle

‘Euphoria’ (HBO) Review: Zendaya Series Is Too Much to Handle 4

‘Euphoria’ (HBO) Review: Zendaya Series Is Too Much to Handle




  1. I keep seeing reviews, some good, some mixed. But none negative. All of the mixed reviews seem to be faulting it for being “the most depressing show you’ll see this summer” or the “bleakest” etc etc but I LOVE shows like that. I really can’t wait.

  2. I am very excited for this. All the backlash kind’ve reminds me of The Leftovers. Season 1 was so depressing that it turned people off of the show. Gradually in season 2 and 3, the show became less depressing, but the themes were still there.

    I could see this being in the same vein. The subject matter of the show will turn people off, but will gain a following of people that want this type of show. Hopefully HBO sees this and gives the go ahead to finish the series (If a second season is being planned).

  3. “too much to handle” is incredibly subjective and i actually detest that it’s in the headline. just because you can’t handle something doesn’t mean others can’t. grow up.

  4. Idk too much about this show yet but will it be Spring Breakers version on a tv show? I see a Skins comparisons tho