Gaten Matarazzo’s cool new Netflix prank present is all about screwing with individuals …

Gaten Matarazzo's cool new Netflix prank present is all about screwing with individuals ... 4

Gaten Matarazzo’s cool new Netflix prank present is all about screwing with individuals looking for work




  1. Yeah, it’s really hard to think of how this will come off as anything but needlessly mean-spirited.

  2. Wow…this is just exceptionally shitty.

    Let’s exploit and waste the time of people who are just trying to support themselves and make ends meat….

  3. How did no one think this might not go over well?

    I’ll reserve judgement until it’s actually out, maybe there’s a hook that softens that blow a little but on the surface, this isn’t a good look.

  4. They had this show back in the day called Scare Tactics where they’d lure people to a location under false pretenses and then scare them.

    I liked it, funny show, albeit a bit corny.

    When I watched it as an adult and saw that a majority of those people were told they were starting a new job I felt bad. That’s the real horror, thinking all your troubles are done, just for someone to scare you and throw you back in the pool when they’re done.

  5. Can we stop with the prank shows?

    It was never a good format. Nothing has changed: its still shitty to deliberately trick people by lying and paying other people to lie. Its not funny or clever to film people that are being ambushed by a professional team of douchebag actors and set designers.

  6. This has to be one of the worst premises for a prank show I can think of.

    It just comes off as mean and cruel, even if that’s not the intent.

  7. Unless they’re really starting a new job and the new boss is just in on the joke, or they give them some big cash prize at the end, this is a fucked, awful and mean premise.

  8. Well that’s fucking gross, especially with how damn hard it is to land a job nowadays.

    I wonder what sort of sick sociopath greenlit this despicable premise of a show.

  9. Pretty sure this is just a remake of an old show that would do the same thing. I can’t remember who hosted it but I remember an interview where he said it was just sad an awkward at the end. The guy getting pranked would say something like you mean there is no actual job??

  10. Imagine thinking you have a job and this toothless little goblin comes out laughing at you. I hope he gets kicked in the ribs.

  11. This kid is honestly so obnoxious. If mommy and daddy hadn’t gotten him his role in Stranger Things he’d now how hard it is to actually get a good paying job.

  12. Its Netflix, i wouldnt expect anything different now coming from them, 1 show probably every 3 months is watchable.

  13. So… Gaten is a sadist… wow… i used to actually kinda like the kid… now i hope he gets to lose his job, for real

  14. Rick kid who will never know what it’s like to go into an interview knowing that if you don’t get the job you’ll get evicted being a dick to people in that situation. Sounds hilarious /s

  15. I feel like the Carbanarro Effect is like this too. Most of the people they goof on are working a “job.” I always think they are prob just happy to be working and all of a sudden they are in the middle of a stupid magic trick.

  16. I know the first thing to do here is to freak out, but I feel like there is more to this.

    I am almost positive the people getting pranked will end up getting paid good money – if it’s even not scripted.

    Most of these prank shows are not real anyways

  17. pretty easy to fix this. Make it seem like they are going to do a temp job for like 3 days and then have it go wrong. Pay them like 2 grand when it’s done and 5k if they agree to have their episode aired. That is like you giving a penny to a homeless person when you factor in the money Netflix burns for content these days.