HBO’s ‘Euphoria’ starring Zendaya is so extraordinarily stuffed with graphic nudity, vi…

HBO's 'Euphoria' starring Zendaya is so extraordinarily stuffed with graphic nudity, vi... 4

HBO’s ‘Euphoria’ starring Zendaya is so extraordinarily stuffed with graphic nudity, violence and drug use that one star stop mid-shoot




  1. It’s almost as if this is an advertisement that’s cleverly designed as an informative press release for the sole purpose of building hype for the show.

  2. > After a lengthy back-and-forth with producers, HBO stepped in and replaced [Brian] Bradley with *The Hate U Give*’s Algee Smith. They reshot his parts in the pilot, including an intense sex scene with 21-year-old actress Sydney Sweeney, who says of the recasting, **”Let’s just say I’m very glad that Algee is playing the character.”**

  3. what kind of high school do these kids go to? like jesus christ do kids these days not go over people’s houses and play fortnite and eat pizza? why are there 40 dicks and gang bangs and overdoses

  4. > “It’s not sensational to be sensational.”

    can i just call bullshit now

    > The male genitalia in the pilot is not attached to any of the largely 20-something cast. Instead, it’s care of actor Eric Dane, who **commits statutory rape with a 17-year-old trans girl**

    in the pilot

    not sensational to be sensational

    uh huh

  5. Created by Sam Levinson who wrote and directed Assassination Nation last year, which was intriguing, but ultimately too over the top to be impactful, and generally tonedeaf. Guessing this will be the same.

  6. >Richard Plepler would often tell people the series makes Netflix’s teen suicide drama 13 Reasons Why look like an after-school special.

    I thought 13 Reasons Why was an incredibly irresponsible television show. [Research has shown that the debut of 13 Reasons Why correlated with a 29% spike in teenage suicide]( (Correlation is not causation, but if you look at the link, causation seems likely).

    The fact that the creators of this show are all “We push things ever farther” is incredibly tone deaf.

    It is also strange that they’re making this hyper sexual show and saying “This is how things are now” when [young people are having less sex than ever before](

    This all just seems edgy for the sake of being edgy. I’m sure some people will like it but it doesn’t appeal to me.

  7. I just hope this show is going to be more than “oh hey, look at Zendaya be edgy!” Teenagers definitely fuck around, but previews make it seem like it’s a 24/7 EDC party when that just wasn’t the reality for me at least.

  8. This whole article is an ad couched in a “omg this show is sooooo edgy.” It sounds like something an art/film student would do.

  9. Whenever a trailer for this comes on I keep asking “Who is this show for?”.

    I’m really asking here, anyone have ideas?

    I mean, is it for junior-high and high school kids to watch something edgy behind their parents back and talk about at school? Maybe the 16-22 audience who has a little bit of income splurges on their own HBO Now Subscription to watch this?

    As a 30 something, white man, I tuned in to and stuck with the first season of *13 Reason Why* because I felt like it was mystery with an interesting story telling mechanic, but also gave the perspectives of a whole community, not just the kids, on the impacts of suicide. (I have no plans to watch s2).

    This show just seems to be “hurr durr drugs, sex, kids”. I just can’t pinpoint why it exists beyond the shock value.

  10. I know I’m probably in the minority, but I dont really care about graphic scenes or nudity or violence. I dont feel it adds much to any work, except in cases where it’s the entire point, but those often arent great to begin with because of the fact that they’re little more than displays of sex or violence. It doesnt add depth or realism to me, it always looks ham fisted and pointedly intentional, like a middle schooler saying fuck just to prove he can swear.

    Im not a prude, I just think Game of Thrones could show me Kit Harrington ramming himself into Emilia Clarke in full HD with his glistening torso in center view, or they could just show the two in bed after the fact with the covers pulled up to their armpits and the message gets across just the same, I have the information I needed.

    And if it’s a sparring usage, it doesnt matter one way or the other, do whatever you want. But when you’re filling up the scenes with unnecessary stuff like this(like for example “In one episode alone, close to 30 penises flash onscreen.”) it’s like you’re just trying to keep my attention by pandering to my base instincts instead of by writing a good story. I can just watch porn if I want to see unrealistic sex. In fact, I probably will.

  11. > one star quit mid-shoot



    >Bradley was uncomfortable shooting scenes that weren’t in the original pilot script and suggested his character would experiment with homosexuality in future episodes.

    tbh I would be pissed off if I signed up for one thing and then later I would be forced to do something else entirely. This seems kinda unprofessional.

  12. From the preview it looked like an excuse to watch porn disguised as being an edgy, on topic, cultural show.

  13. but will it be good? this title and review just slapped a couple of shock value words that mean nothing to the gravitas that the writing can provide. A serbian film is shocking too but it is a waste of time for any person alive.

  14. A wannabe skins that’s trying to show off more nudity and drugs rather than being actually good story telling.

  15. I can’t help but think they’re approaching this from the wrong angle. They’re trying to get mainstream actors to shoot porn where they should rather just approach porn actors and try to get them to make a fuck flick with a stronger narrative.

    I’m honestly surprised that none of the porn channels have tried creating a porno with a stronger narrative. They have the numbers so maybe they know it just won’t pan out. Like twenty years ago one of the big companies did a big budget Pirates of the Caribbean spoof. Maybe they realized the budget for the extra effects was wasted since that’s not what people were coming for?

    The true answer may well be that strong narratives and hardcore porn are a crossover demo that people don’t want. They want their porn and they want their stories and they don’t want them mixed? Everything streaming is tracked so the number crunchers can quantify all of this, less guesswork.

  16. It’s gotten to the point where I would be more titillated by a story of people having responsible interactions healthy sexual identity.

  17. So it’s basically the movie KIDS, to the extreme. Nothing new here. I’m so sick of people forgetting what’s come first. I mean it’s the same with Queer as Folk and how it had a teenager, played by a gay young 20 something, coming out in a private school, and dealing with a bashing, but the kid from Glee gets all the attention for breaking ground. Blah.

  18. Once I saw Zendaya in the first trailer I saw for Euphoria, I had to look up her age cause I figured she wasn’t a legal adult.

  19. >At first, Blumenthal tried to use specially made coverage pads for sex scenes that proved useful on *The Deuce*, but she found they weren’t that helpful because the actors were rarely in the missionary position.

    *The Deuce* is tame now.

    >It’s hard to ignore that a show as racy as *Euphoria* is arriving at a time when there’s at least a perceived culture clash between the Dallas-based AT&T and its freewheeling cable network. It’s safe to say WarnerMedia chief John Stankey, who counts *Downton Abbey* among his favorite shows, is not the target audience for *Euphoria*. But Bloys insists there has been no interference in the creative process on any HBO shows: “No one has come to us and said, ‘Hey, tone this down,’ ” he says. “The only thing they’ve done is given us more money and said, ‘Keep doing what you’re doing.'”

    No interference? Give it a few weeks. I’m willing to bet the phone company will phone company it up yet.

  20. The two worlds highlighted for me in this headline were ‘Zendaya’ and ‘nudity’ and now I will watch this show… for the plot.

  21. the point about it’s not sensationalistic for the sake of sensationalistic is complete bullshit. They know it is and they are trying to play it off. Definitely trying to get a buzz going on this show.