City of Lies (2018) – out there now on-line, this movie starring Johnny Depp and F…

City of Lies (2018) - out there now on-line, this movie starring Johnny Depp and F... 4

I attempted posting this as a hyperlink however this sub’s mods or automod aren’t publishing my publish so I’m making an attempt this once more however this time as a textual content publish.

I came upon this full movie was launched on-line at present and I used to be curious why I hadn’t heard a lot about it and the way a movie starring Johnny Depp and Forest Whitaker wasn’t launched in theaters or on any streaming service. After performing some analysis the true story behind all that is far crazier than I might’ve imagined.

Instead of me summarizing all the things I feel it is be greatest for anybody studying this within the story to take a look at these articles written again in August of final yr:

I attempted discovering one thing more moderen however there was nothing. I’m no conspiracy theorist however the press and supposed controversy surrounding the discharge of this film is odd/suspicious to say the least.




  1. I would assume the [bankruptcy of the distributor]( had more to do with the canceled release than the LAPD.

  2. Johnny Depp got into legal trouble during the production of this movie. I believe he beat one of the crew members up and offered him $100k to punch him back. They shut down production but I guess they finished it after everyone settled.

  3. The production company was IM global and burnt down in scandal during the movie , that and Jonny Depp being him self beat up a co worker and wasn’t showing up to takes on top of a horrible production in the first place. Did people in the LAPD want this gone , probably but most people involved are dead or retired and the leadership has been gutted since then in the LAPD. Also gang bangers kill each other, it happens. So in short , no the LAPD didn’t kill the move, the movie killed it self.