Which Is Your Favorite Use Of Music For The End Of The Film?

Which Is Your Favorite Use Of Music For The End Of The Film? 4

For me, the ultimate scene of Memento haves a few of the most superior use of music ever: https://youtu.be/0Op_tlDc4BM

It actually expresses that inner battle and hidden disappointment rising inside him. It begins out with the protagonist simply desirous to overlook a reality he would not need to face. When he takes motion to vary that, the music turns into extra action-packed however in a approach that it is refined, displaying his sense of obligation and that’ll he do what it takes to get out from that feeling. Then, the music out of the blue modifications into this excessive tragedy adn disappointment. Part of him actually is aware of that he can not flip again and that he was liable for the wrongful actions. When he tries to fantasize/day dream of him getting his spouse and reminiscences again, it modifications to a extra hopeful tone however a false form of hope that hardly hides the disappointment deep inside him and when his reminiscences are gone, the music stops. Showing that feeling is gone for him and this may go on once more later. The music tells the story with out having to make use of phrases.

Memento is certainly one of my absolute favourite films ever.