Some months in the past I seen one thing in Full Metal Jacket and was informed I’m an idi…

Private Pyle is bunked very near Joker, who [pisses Sergeant Hartman off]( on day one.

After coping with Joker, Hartman continues to be a tad irritable, so he proceeds to [blast a few guys out down the line from him](, the final of them being Leonard Lawrence.

One factor you hear about Boot is that you don’t need the Sergeant to have a reputation for you, as a result of then you definately turn into one he’ll always make an instance of.

[While Hartman was very angry, he ran into Leonard, gave him a name, and the two started down a very dark road.](

A subtext of the Pyle/Joker story appears to be that Joker carries great guilt, which is why he of all of them tries to assist Pyle get via.

It’s not some tremendous deep factor, however after I talked about it right here earlier than I used to be informed I used to be positively incorrect. Am I?

Had it not been for [their meeting on day one](, Leonard and Hartman would most likely nonetheless have clashed, but it surely may not have been the derailing rage-train it was, and Joker is aware of it.



Proof that WeGotThisCovered is complete and utter bullshit

Proof that WeGotThisCovered is full and utter bulls**t

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